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July 17, 2014  •  Newborn & Maternity, Babies

Sweet Dreams

Chloe really is a perfect little angel. She is so sweet and petite. Chloe came in just 8 days old. She is the perfect age to get lots of those super curled up sleepy shots. She slept peacefully through most of her session. Mom and Dad are quite taken with their precious new girl and I was glad to capture the love they share. Thanks so much for choosing Little Nest!
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July 10, 2014  •  Newborn & Maternity

Expected Sweetness

This beautiful couple is awaiting their new arrival. They are such a wonderful couple and this baby will be lucky to be born into a family of love and laughter. I can't wait to meet your expected sweetness!
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Collin sure is happy about his new baby sister Caroline. Anyone can see why, she is adorable. He loves to hold her and kiss her Mom and Dad could not be prouder of their beautiful children. So much love in this family. They really have fun together and laugh a lot. I am so happy for all of them. Congratulations everyone. Come back and see us soon.
July 2, 2014  •  Newborn & Maternity, Babies

Proud Brother

This little guy is such a proud big brother! At two years old he did such a great job laying with his sister Frankie and giving her some sweet snuggles and kisses. What a sweet big brother! Frankie was a perfect model for her newborn session and she snoozed peacefully for most of her time with us. Frankie was just 10 days old and just a beautiful baby! Congratulations!
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June 13, 2014  •  Newborn & Maternity, Babies

Hello World

Baby Trey is brand new. He came to his session with Mom, Grandma and big sister Sloane. He was perfect for his photos. He tried really hard to stay up and take everything in but pretty soon he drifted off to sleep. Everyone in the family is so excited about his arrival. What an adorable little boy. Congratulations everyone!
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