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April 16, 2015  •  Newborn & Maternity

Hello World

This beautiful family just welcomed a new baby brother for Gabriel. Luke is two weeks old and he was very curious. He wanted to stay awake and hang out with his big brother but he fell asleep when he couldn't keep those eyes open any longer. Big brother Gabriel was so good and he kept busy coloring and playing. Congrats to your family! I can't wait to share the rest.
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April 16, 2015  •  Newborn & Maternity

Baby Brother

It has been a while since I last saw Gabriel and he has grown so much. He is a big boy now and brought his baby brother Leo along for his first photo session. Leo is just adorable and once he feel asleep he snoozed peacefully. It was great to see you all again and congrats on your newest family member!
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We had so much fun in our session with Theo and baby Nicholas! These little guys are beyond cute. Theo is so excited about his new baby brother, and loves to give him kisses. Baby Nicholas was so adorable. He slept through most of his first session but was just so sweet. Mom and Dad are thrilled with their little men. I am so happy for this family. Congratulations!
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April 13, 2015  •  Newborn & Maternity

A baby sister

I have photographed Charlotte before and she was very excited for the arrival of her sibling. She did not know if she was going to have a little brother or sister. I can tell she loves her new baby sister. She is so cute and looked more adorable in each no headband and hat we put her in. Congrats to your family!
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April 10, 2015  •  Newborn & Maternity, Family

Sheer Joy

I have been lucky enough to have photographed this family before.I am so excited they are going to be welcoming a new little brother for Logan soon. He is too. He loves to give Mommy's belly kisses and hugs. Hard to believe this little guy is 2 already! We had so much fun in our session. Logan loves to pose for the camera. What a cutie pie he is. Good Luck!
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