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April 22, 2014  •  Newborn & Maternity

Model Mommy

This Mom is waiting the birth of her 3rd baby. Big brothers Hudson and Connor are super excited for their new baby sister to arrive.This is the second maternity session I have done with this Mom and she always looks amazing. I am so happy for this family and can't wait to meet their new little princess!
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Beautiful baby Logan was a perfect model for her first photo session! She snoozed peacefully while enjoying cuddles from Mom, Dad and big sister Camryn. I really enjoyed seeing the love this family shares and it's evident in Dads smile at his little girl. Camryn is such a sweet big sister with Logan. She enjoys giving her hugs and kisses. Camryn has the most infectious laugh too and I loved hearing her little giggle during their time here. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous family with us and we can't wait to watch the girls grow and change!
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Braden and Emma are so happy to have their new baby brother Sawyer. He is just adorable and sweet. He is so lucky to have such an awesome big brother and sister! We had a lot of fun during the session. I'm pretty sure though, Braden and Emma's favorite part was the snack at the end. Such a beautiful family. Mom and Dad are super excited about their beautiful new baby boy. Congratulations everyone.
When I saw this family was coming in for a newborn session I was so happy. They are such a fun family. Biggest brother Matthew is super proud of his new baby. He loves to hold him and give him kisses. Mason is 2 already! It seems like yesterday he was here for his newborn session. Time sure does fly! Baby Michael is so sweet. He slept for most of the session. Congratulations everyone!
March 25, 2014  •  Newborn & Maternity

Tiny Details

Mom and Dad were so excited for their little boy to arrive. Bray decided he wanted to make a late arrival but he is just perfect! I think Mom and Dad would agree and they are very taken with their sweet little boy. Bray slept like a champ through his first session. I just love all his little rolls and folds. He is just adorable and I can't wait to see how much he changes and grows at his next session!
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