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April 27, 2012  •  Family


These three beautiful ladies are from three generations and they came to the studio to celebrate mother's day! I loved the little one's pink princess dress and how Mom and Mimi coordinated perfectly. Capturing the love between the generations was really special and I know this trio had a special day planned for Mimi to celebrate just how much she means to their family. I hope everyone had a great time and lots of love and laughter was shared.
By Alison Posted in Family
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Patrick is almost 8 weeks old and growing into such a handsome little boy. His older brother William stayed at home for this session so we spent all our time focusing on the newest addition to this growing family. Patrick was alert for most of the session but got very sleepy towards the end which was a great opportunity to capture some snuggly tiny baby photos while he was looking so peaceful and dreamy.
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April 25, 2012  •  Babies

Super Cutie

This little cutie is six months old and boy does she sparkle! I think modeling might be in her future. She was happy with everything about the session, she loved the costume changes, the necklaces and the headbands. She did her best posing too. She is about ready to crawl and loves it when Mom and Dad help her stand up. Little Miss Brooke come back and see us again soon!
By Deirdre Posted in Babies
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April 25, 2012  •  Children

The Rockstar Turns One

Little Frankie is just too darn cute not to share with the world in beautiful photos. I've had the pleasure of photographing him for his whole life now (including Mommy's maternity photos)! It's been an amazing joy to watch him grow into a little boy. He's definitely keeping Mommy busy while providing her with more love than anyone can imagine someone so small being capable of. Lots of love to Rockstar Frankie!
By Alison Posted in Children
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April 25, 2012  •  Family, Children

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Little Michael just had his 1st birthday. His big brother Jake was more than happy to help him celebrate and eat some cupcake too.. These little men were so much fun. We played with blocks and looked for Clementine. Jake is very excited for his birthday next month and has some special plans. He is turning 3! I am so happy I had a chance to play with these two cuties! Come see us again.
By Deirdre Posted in Family, Children
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