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November 7, 2014  •  Family, Children

three peas in a pod

I loved working with these three and their awesome family. Big Brother Danny has the most gorgeous blue eyes and really cool hair. Kelly is as sweet as they come and the camera loved her. Little Carter is so sweet with a silly personality and the perfect addition to his brother and sister. Thanks so much for coming in :) Stay tuned for the rest... :)
By Michelle Posted in Family, Children
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A perfect fall day calls for a perfect fall photo session...outdoors that is! I aboslutely love capturing the warm fall colors at Bolingbrok Mansion, especially when they are matched with the warm snuggles and smiles of this beautiful family. Love watching baby sister join in on the leaf throwing fun, she is clearly running the show in that family in the best way possible!
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November 6, 2014  •  Family, Children


Absolutely loved all the laughs this family had together during their session. Little brother was just soaking in the lime light and totally hamming it up for the camera while his older sister was being as cool and calm as possible but equally as stunning!
By Alison Posted in Family, Children
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November 4, 2014  •  Children, Outdoor

home sweet home

The wind almost prevented this session from happening! I was so glad when mom Laura emailed me and said the lights were back on and invited me to their home to capture their super sweet little family. They are celebrating many things. Their wedding anniversary, a new home and 2 special birthdays. I loved when Laura joked that she wanted to do the session in bed and I said "Lets do it!" I am so glad we went with it. They are such a sweet bunch and braved the elements ( wind and COLD ) with beautiful smiles :) Thank you so much again for having me to your home!
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November 4, 2014  •  Outdoor

cause I'm happy!

I was thrilled when this beautiful family was willing to brave a early COLD Halloween morning and join me at Bolingbroke Mansion to create these memories. I have had the privilege of photographing the little ones a few times before but this was our first family session. What a joy it was to capture the love they share. I can't wait to show you the rest :)
By Michelle Posted in Outdoor
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