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Wayne, PA 19087
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Daily 10am to 5pm
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We know what it's like for children to transform right before your eyes, we’re here to help you slow down time and capture those moments.  Celebrate your story through professionally curated images that adorn your walls or an album built over the year documenting the milestones.  As a luxury boutique, your experience includes interior design, personal styling, and a personal Concierge who will create a totally custom experience. 

We're located in the heart of downtown Wayne, pop into the studio to nurse, grab a snack, use our changing table or just say hello!

we can't wait to see you!

Meet the Team

Lara Aman Mattey

Studio Owner

Lara Aman Mattey

Studio Owner

hometown: Garnet Valley (by way of State College, Upper St. Clair, and Drums)

Nickname(s): Lara Pooh

Secret Talents: Using 90's rap lyrics as teachable moments with my little ladies

Ice cream flavor: The Creamery's Keany Beany

Favorite Place on earth: Kent Island, MD

Theme Song: Thinking Out Loud

three things I can't live without: Coffee, Fresh Flowers, and Big Heels

Favorite Thing About Little Nest: The pure joy of capturing a family's most important moments

Michelle Cellucci


Michelle Cellucci


Hometown: Broomall, PA

Nickname(s): "M", Cellucch (circa 2004)

Secret Talents: Singing and adding harmonies to anything and everything I hear!

Ice Cream Flavor: Do Dairy Queen blizzards count? If so, all varieties.

Favorite Place on Earth: Japan, home is a very close second however.

Theme Song: Anything I can bust a move to.

Three things I can't live without: My family & friends, Bern and anything camera related.

Favorite thing about Little Nest: Being able to meet new families and to create memories in such a supportive and fun environment. Specifically, I love when I am with a mom and they say ,"THAT is my child, you captured them perfectly." As a photographic artist, that is the ultimate satisfaction. I count my lucky stars everyday.

Maya Bryn


Maya Bryn


HOMETOWN: Minneapolis, MN




FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH: Any beach in Belize

THEME SONG: Kodachrome by Paul Simon of course!

THREE THINGS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Accessories, Starbucks and Harper's Bazaar 

FAVORITE THING ABOUT LITTLE NEST: Just one?! Meeting new families and watching them grow but also being surrounded by such a creative, dynamic group of women!

Ashley Maier


Ashley Maier


Hometown: Frederick, MD

Nickname(s): Ash

Secret Talents: I can pack two weeks of clothes in a carry on suitcase!

Ice Cream Flavor: Sea Salt Caramel

Favorite Place on Earth: Barcelona, Spain

Theme Song: All I hear these days are songs from Baby Einstein...

Three things I can't live without: My husband Dan, daughters Ava + Jillian and my external hard drive photo backup

Favorite thing about Little Nest: Being surrounded by such talented and welcoming people

Rebecca Fox Starr

Client Concierge

Rebecca Fox Starr

Client Concierge

HOMETOWN: Lower Merion, PA

NICKNAME(S): Becca Doodle, Bex, Foxy

SECRET TALENTS: It is a tie; I am really good at tongue-twisters and am shockingly tough with arm wrestling!

ICE CREAM FLAVOR: I don't discriminate!


THEME SONG: Comeback kid by Brett Dennen

THREE THINGS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My family (Mama of 2 amazing kiddos), music and the ability to write every day

FAVORITE THING ABOUT LITTLE NEST: I get to spend my days smiling as I watch families create cherished heirlooms and help curate amazing wall art galleries and installations. I get to read chapters in every person's story!

Kaeleigh Fox

Guest Coordinator

Kaeleigh Fox

Guest Coordinator

Hometown: Doylestown, Pa

Nickname: Kae 

Secret talents: Master cook of breakfast food

Ice cream flavor: Cookies n’ Cream

Favorite place on earth: Lake Galena 

Theme song: Ho Hey - The Lumineers

Three things I can’t live without: my family, my friends, and my camera

Favorite thing about little nest: How close and family like everyone is!


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